Dear GBCC community,

As I prepare to step down from the GBCC Board of Directors at the end of June, I’d like to take a moment to thank you and reflect on the strength of Greater Boston’s choral community. When I joined the GBCC board in 2013 less than two years after moving to Boston, I didn’t know quite what I was stepping into. I was quickly blown away by the diversity of choral music in our region and the talented singers, leaders, volunteers, and patrons who make it happen. When I became GBCC chair in 2017, I was fortunate to benefit from the strong leadership before me of Anne Watson Born and several long-time directors. In collaboration with you, our members, and a stellar group of dedicated, whip-smart directors and staff, we’ve continued to fine-tune our small, but mighty operation in service of more than 5,000 choral musicians.

I’m obviously “preaching to the choir” in noting that people are at the heart of choral music. That we can harness such emotion with simply our bodies is an extraordinary gift! It’s easy these days to think that those coronavirus-shedding bodies are betraying us. But having reconnected with and found inspiration from many of you over Zoom these past few weeks, I am confident that using our indefatigable minds and hearts together we will find creative, moving, and more inclusive ways of sharing choral music in the not-too-distant future.

I hope to virtually see many of you at the annual meeting on June 27, and please join me in welcoming GBCC’s new officers. Until then stay strong, and just keep singing.

Alison LaRosa
Outgoing Chair

A message from the outgoing GBCC Chair: Just Keep Singing