Dear GBCC members and friends,

This has been an incredibly difficult time for many of our member choruses. In the midst of an unprecedented pandemic and ensuing social distancing, many hard decisions have been–and are still being–made about concerts and events that we all looked forward to sharing. And we are adjusting to this strange new reality without being able to gather with our choir families in person.  

But despite uncertainties, our membership continues to impress with its resiliency and creativity. On March 19, nearly 40 GBCC members convened via Zoom to discuss shared challenges, solutions, and opportunities. I imagine the energy in the “room” was similar to that felt during the first GBCC convening 31 years ago. We’re thinking about offering additional online convenings in the near future.

This creative “grand pause” (as Chorus pro Musica Music Director Jamie Kirsch aptly put it in a message to CpM audiences) is an opportunity, to think about how our choirs can serve our communities and our singers even more effectively. Know that your GBCC Board of Directors has been considering this very question since well before COVID-19, as we’ve focused the past several weeks on updating the consortium’s strategic plan. More is to come on that soon, but in the meantime we invite your feedback on how we can better serve your choir; you can start the conversation here

Even though the spring event calendar is strangely empty, we know that you are hard at work in other ways. If there are sites, blogs and videos your choir has found useful, please don’t hesitate to share them with our team or via the GBCC’s new member Facebook group.

Thank you for your GBCC membership – together, we’re creating a stronger voice for choral music in the region. 

With best wishes for good health and merry music-making,

Alison LaRosa, Chair
March 25, 2020

A message from GBCC Chair re: COVID-19