The Greater Boston Choral Consortium is an association created to help choral organizations in the area develop and grow by sharing information and fostering cooperation. The Consortium promotes public awareness of these organizations and understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of choral music in all segments of the Greater Boston community.

The Greater Boston Choral Consortium was formed in 1989 by Ann Marie Lindquist as a cooperative effort to promote greater awareness of the many and varied choral groups in the Greater Boston area. Representatives of the member ensembles of the Consortium meet monthly to discuss common management concerns and promotional strategies; offer mutual support; and generate ideas for cooperative efforts to benefit all groups.

The Greater Boston Choral Consortium sponsors monthly meetings devoted to various topics of interest to the choral community. Topics include: copyright issues, marketing and fundraising, how to incorporate as a non-profit, advocacy, etc. In addition, the GBCC sponsors an annual public workshop focused on vocal technique.


"Chant 101: Neumes and More"
— Teri Kowiak, November 2016

"Ms. Kowiak was extremely well prepared and organized the two hours well. She fit in a lot of information and was very engaging."

"I learned a great deal."

"From Ah to Aha! Feldenkrais Workshop"
— Stephen Paparo, February 2016

"very helpful and informative / useful to my singing"

"Great teacher, great presentation. fun and informative."

"Header was excellent: Very clear, fun, good pace, experiential, varied. Just right!"

"Great for all levels of experience and practice"

“Music to Live By: A Selection of Vital Songs from the African Diaspora”
—Titilayo Ngwenya, October 2015

“Titilayo was warm and engaged. I loved her whole demeanor.”

“Thank you for bringing in this genre.”

“Secrets to a Singer’s Best Sound” Yoga Workshop
—Sarah Whitten, March 2015

“It was a wonderful morning of focusing on our body, breath, and brain, and learning ways to align ourselves and release tension to produce a more beautiful sound. Thank you, Sarah!”

“Sarah is both enjoyable and knowledgeable. The time went quickly.”

“I really appreciate Sarah's knowledge and guidance. Thank you for this opportunity.”

“Fantastic speaker. Down to earth, useful and doable tips.”

"The GBCC is an invaluable source of networking in our music community. Members of the Consortium can call each other for problem solving, creating collaborations, sharing ideas, and receiving support. It's a great way to build a sense of community. Hearing someone say, 'I've been there, too, and you'll get through it!' really helps developing choruses." –Catherine Peterson, Executive Director, ArtsBoston

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